Las Vegas Discount Hotel

Booking Las Vegas Discount Hotel Rooms

Have you thought lately of taking a vacation trip out to Las Vegas? If you have, odds are you have also been contemplating the cost of staying in Las Vegas. Although you may have nightmarish expectations of hotel room prices, it really is not all that bad. You might surprised at some of the deals you can secure for Las Vegas discount hotel rates. Remember that the hotels want to draw a crowd to their establishment in order to keep the casinos humming. Because of this fundamental fact about how Las Vegas operates, you can often find great deals on Las Vegas discount hotel rooms. If you follow some of the simple tips in this brief guide, you'll be well on the way to finding a five star hotel room for Las Vegas discount hotel rates that you never imagined.

Definitely don't think you have to stay at a Motel 6 or other Las Vegas discount hotel off the Strip in order to afford a vacation in Vegas. Five star hotels right in the center of the Strip, like the Venetian, offer some amazing deals during certain times. The key to finding Las Vegas discount hotel rates is in knowing when to look around. To begin with, avoid the weekend at all costs. The hotels on the Strip will charge much higher rates during the weekend simply because they can afford to while still filling most of their rooms. The weekdays, however, are much harder for the hotels to fill rooms. For this reason, rates offered early on in the week will be considerably lower. This also holds true for major sporting events, which should be avoided. Compare rates from the weekend to Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. You will see a serious difference in pricing.

Use the internet to do some comparison shopping on hotel rates. The internet is a great tool for finding Las Vegas discount hotel rates. Several websites allow you to book or even bid on rooms online. Most of the five star hotels also have sites listing their rates, as well as any exclusives that are going on at the moment. Be sure to check all of the five star hotel websites for the best picture on pricing. Don't hesitate to check hotels at the center of the Strip, as they may actually be in your price range during certain times. You'll want to be as close to the action as possible to have the best time. Staying in a seedy hotel far from the Strip is certainly not worth it.

When you check into the hotel, ask for the best possible room. Just because it's a Las Vegas discount hotel rate does not mean you have to settle for less. Ask for a corner room, as these are often the quietest and have the best views. If one of these are not available, ask to avoid anything like rooms near elevators or vending machines. Foot traffic is heavy in these areas, and can be disruptive.

If you follow these tips on Las Vegas discount hotel rates, you should have a great stay in Vegas. Check often for new hotel rates, as they can change quite often in Las Vegas. If prices are too high, check back later to see if new specials are taking place. The hotels charge different rates based on how busy they expect to be, and some times are going to be considerably more expensive than others for Las Vegas discount hotel rates.